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Federal Business Programs:

Start-up visa

The main purpose is to link entrepreneurs with private Canadian angel investor groups, venture capital fund organizations or business incubators.

The criteria for acceptance to the program are:

1. The business must be a new business, with the intention to be operated in Canada

2. Receiving of support from the designated business organizations



1. Qualifying business

2. Letter of support

3. Language requirements CLB 5

4. Sufficient settlement funds

5. No intention to reside in QC


Interesting fact:

This program accepts up to 5 business partners for one business.

We offer assistance with application to incubators, as well as referral to the corporate lawyers and accountants, financial advisors (for building the business plan) and other program-related requirements.

More information about start-up visa:


Self-employed person program

This is not the most popular choice for entrepreneurs, as it only applies to specified economic activities:


Self-employed individuals with cultural, athletic, or farming experience, who have the relevant experience, intention, and ability to be self-employed.

This category is determined on a “point-based” system, where the individuals are awarded a specific number of points depending on their experience and achievements and based on the following factors:

  1. Relevant experience

  2. Age

  3. Education

  4. Language

  5. Adaptability

The applicants should score a minimum of 35 points.



Minimum of two years of relevant experience within the last 5 years.

The requirements slightly differ for different categories of the self-employed applicants (cultural, athletic, farming).

More information about the self-employed program:


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