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Skilled immigration

One of the main goals of Canadian immigration is to attract and welcome the required number of skilled newcomers and their families, who will contribute to the Canadian economy. The main contribution expected from those immigrants is a workforce.

While there are different immigration programs, most of them are based on the Express Entry- a federal selection program, which scores the candidates according to different parameters, such as Age, Education, Language Ability, Work Experience, etc…

The choice of the program is done according to the data and information pertaining to each individual candidate and can not be general or the same for everyone.

While one will have enough points to apply with the Express Entry stream, others can only immigrate through provincial programs, which are called Provincial Nominee Programs.

If the candidate qualifies for the provincial program and receives a nomination, an additional 600 points are being added to his express entry (CRS) score and the chances for him to be selected are extremely high.

The existence of a job offer is very meaningful for immigration. If the candidate was able to secure a job offer, the government of Canada fills more secure and assured that newcomers will have a workplace to apply his skills and will contribute to the country. Therefore, most of the programs are now being built, based on the job offer from a Canadian employer.

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