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Working in Canada can be a life-changing experience with many benefits and opportunities for growth.


There are several benefits to working in Canada:

Canada as a country

Canada is ranked as one of the best countries in the world. This country has an excellent education system and a long life expectation making Canada one of the most liberated countries. It has various immigration programs and permits with a strong system. The weather and lifestyle make Canada the number one choice country to work and live in.



Over the years, many people from all around the world have immigrated to Canada, and because diversity has increased, many businesses and corporations have taken this into consideration and taken measures to ensure that their work culture represents the assorted Canadian population.


Canadian experience and immigration options

Canada has a very low unemployment rate compared to other developed countries. It ranks high in modern technologies and is rapidly advancing, making this the best place for IT professionals and computer scientists.

If you have a valid work permit, your spouse or common-law partner can work in Canada too. They will have to obtain their own work permit but will not need a job offer and may accept any job offer in Canada. Kids will be able to study for free at elementary and secondary schools, and all these factors will count in your favour when applying for permanent residency in Canada.


While most of the time the employer has to undergo the Labour Market Assessment (LMIA) process, there are basically two types of work permits allowing foreign nationals to work in Canada:


  1. Open Work Permit- this work permit usually do not require a job offer and allows the foreign nationals to work in Canada at any occupation and for any employer.

  2. Closed Work Permit- this work permit usually requires a job offer and LMIA and allows the foreign nationals to work in Canada at specific occupations, for a specific employer, or both.

To learn more about work permit , read the pages below:

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