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Study path to Permanent Residency in Canada

We all aware that it is much harder to immigrate to Canada nowadays, and it is no secret that many people choose to start their way to Canada that is desirable through school, while in most cases hoping for a job offer in Canada.


It is a Canadian interest to keep young, ambitious, highly educated, and skilled professionals. While some of the candidates, will be able to apply through the Express Entry program, once completing the education in Canada and will score enough points to be chosen, others will only be able to do so with the provincial nomination.


For completing the Canadian education, you will be added the following points to your Express Entry Profile:

Post-secondary education in  Canada - credential of one or two years   -   15 points

Post-secondary education in  Canada - credential three years or longer    -   30 points

For information:


Bellow, we will discuss options, provided by Canadian provinces to support the applicants.

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