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It is the gold standard for immigration—attracting newcomers who arrive with the money, desire, skills, and temperament to start a new business that will employ local residents, generate tax revenue, increase economic activity and boost community well being.

Recent researches show that Immigrants have a higher rate of business creation than Canadian-born citizens. And the longer they stay in Canada, the higher their likelihood of starting a business. Moreover, immigrant-owned businesses create more jobs than Canadian-owned businesses and are likely to grow more quickly.

Although business immigration on the Federal level is now allowed only for 2 streams: Self-employed and start-up visa, every province has its own provincial nominee program for experienced businessmen.

Most Canadian provinces have moved to a two-step process for immigrant entrepreneurs. First, the applicant presents a business plan for the province. If the plan is approved, they must launch the business and run it for a year before they receive a provincial nomination for immigration. It takes almost two years after being nominated to receive permanent resident status, so at least three years from the time they first apply.

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