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Owner  Operator


This is one of the very popular streams lately, as it provides the experienced entrepreneur with the opportunity to obtain an employer-specific work permit in Canada, to get a desired Canadian experience.


There are two main categories:

LMIA Based

Although LMIA is required in order to obtain a work permit, it is an advertising requirement exempt and takes much less time, than the usual LMIA.


LMIA exempt

In order to qualify for this kind of a work permit, the applicant should demonstrate an intention to operate a business in Canada, that would create or maintain:

  • Significant social, cultural, or economic benefits,


  • Jobs for Canadian citizens or PRs of Canada


Interesting Fact (!) If the job is NOC O (managerial, executive) or NOC A (professional level) you may be eligible for two- week application processing.  



  1. Management experience

  2. Funds to purchase/ open a corporation in Canada

  3. Good language skills

  4. Controlling interest in the business: more than 50% of shares and can not be dismissed


Important to understand that after working in Canada for a year, the applicant may secure 200 additional points due to the job offer at the managerial position and may be eligible to apply for PR under the Canadian Experience Class.

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