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Temporary Students

A study permit is a written authorization issued to a foreign national that authorizes him to engage in academic, professional, vocational or other education or training that is more than 6 months in duration and is at a designated learning institution.


List of designated learning institutions:

Interesting fact(!) All primary and secondary schools in Canada are automatically designated.


Criteria for a Study Permit:

  • Letter of acceptance from the DLI

  • Pay/ be able to pay tuition

  • Be able to financially support themselves and family members:

  • Amount of funds required per year in addition to tuition outside Quebec

    • ​You (the student) - $10,000

    • First family member - $4,000

    • Every additional accompanying family member - $3,000

  • Pass the medical exam if needed


Interesting fact(!) Accompanying family members of an international student are exempts from receiving a letter of acceptance, if willing to study in Canada. Alternatively, a spouse of the full-time international student at the DLI may obtain an Open Work Permit.


Exemptions from the Study Permit:

  • Family members and members of the private staff of diplomats or foreign accredited representatives

  • Members of the armed forces of a country designated for the purposes of the Visiting Forces Act

  • Person, seeking to enroll in a short-term program of study of six months or less

  • Registered Indians



Sometimes minor children do not need a study permit to study in Canada, including:

  • Minors attending kindergarten

  • Refugee claimants or children of refugee claimants

  • Children in Canada, whose parents are allowed to work or study in Canada and want to attend preschool, primary or secondary school.


Minors have to apply for the Study permit in the following cases:


  • When those children reach the age of majority (depends on the province)  they must apply for the permit.

  • When sent to study in Canada by their own

  • To enter Canada the first time as a student


How the application is assessed?

Similar to all the classes of the temporary residents, the following points must be addressed:

  1. Was accepted by the DLI

  2. Can proof financial status and ability to support himself and family members

  3. Can proof, that the intention is temporary and will leave Canada as soon as the permit expires

  4. Not inadmissible


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