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Atlantic Immigration Pilot- Intermediate Skilled Workers

  1. One year of experience within the past 3 years

  2. Minimum high school diploma equivalent to Canada

  3. Language CLB 4

  4. Settlement funds


Atlantic Immigration Pilot- High Skilled Workers

  1. One year of experience within the past 3 years in management, professional or technical/skilled job

  2. Minimum high school diploma equivalent to Canada

  3. Language CLB 4

  4. Settlement funds

  5. Job offer from the eligible employer in Atlantics





  1. Full time and a permanent job offer from the participating communities.

  2. 1 year of continuous work experience in the past 3 years

  3. Minimum wage or higher

  4. A job offer at the same skill level or 1 bellow/above, except for NOC D

  5. If you are an international student with a credential from 2+ year-long post-secondary program or Masters degree, exempt from work experience criteria

  6. Language:

    • NOC A and O- CLB6​

    • NOC B- CLB 5

    • NOC C and D- CLB 4

  7. Education:

    • Canadian high school diploma or equivalent​

  8. Settlement funds

  9. Intention to live in the community​​


There are several temporary federal programs which may help and lead to the PR in Canada:  


Home Child Care Provider Pilot/ Home Support Worker Pilot


This new pilot launched in 2019 is especially attractive, as it leads to PR after working in Canada for 24 months.

  1. Job offer (no LMIA required)

  2. Language level CLB 5

  3. At least one year of post-secondary education, evaluated by WES  

  4. Similar work experience from the past

Provincial programs


There are different paths to immigrate through different provinces in Canada.


Agri-Food Immigration Pilot


The Agri-Food Immigration Pilot helps address the labour needs of the Canadian agri-food sector by testing a new industry-specific approach.


The pilot is designed to

  • help address the labor needs of the Canadian agri-food sector, particularly in year-round mushroom and greenhouse crop production, meat processing, and livestock raising industries, and

  • attract experienced, non-seasonal workers who can settle in Canada


This pilot will run until May 2023.

What is important about this pilot is that a job offer must be from one of the industries and occupations listed as eligible for the pilot. This pilot will allow application for the PR only to those, who already have Canadian experience.

For more information: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/agri-food-immigration-pilot/eligible-industries.html