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While most of the programs require the employer to undergo the LMIA process, there are some exceptions:

International Mobility Program

The foreign national may obtain a work permit only after the employer has submitted relevant information to the IRCC and receives the approval.

  • Agreements

  • International free trade agreements (Such as NAFTA, and some more)

  • Provincial or territorial agreements

  • Canadian Interest:

Work under this category will create or maintain significant social, cultural or economic benefits or opportunities for Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

  • Significant benefit

  1. Self-employed and racing jockeys.

  2. Intracompany transferees: Allows Individuals’ who either have a specialized knowledge or are an executive senior manager to obtain a work permit.

  3. Emergency repair personnel or repair personnel for out of warranty equipment

  4. Television and film workers


  • Reciprocal employment

Allows foreign nationals to work in Canada when Canadians have been given the same opportunity abroad. It does not have to be one on one exchange.

  • General category

  • Commercial airline agreements

  • International Experience Canada

It provides youth with the opportunity to travel and work in Canada.

Eligibility requirements:

  1. Country of citizenship has an agreement with Canada OR

  2. Use recognized organization

Dependants aren’t eligible to accompany to Canada.

  • Academic exchanges

  • Performing arts

  • Designated by the minister:

  1. Work-related to a research, educational or training program

  2. Public policy, competitiveness, and economy

  • Charitable or religious work (Employer related WP )

  • Other

    • Applicants with no means of financial support ( Refugees)

    • Humanitarian reasons

    • If you have been working full time for employer on your work permit for at least 1 year and have a valid job offer, which is exempt from LMIA

No Work Permit Required:

Although work permit is not required for the following, eTA or TRV might be necessary for admission to Canada:

  • Business visitors

  • Diplomats

  • Foreign athletes

  • Military personnel

  • Crew members

  • Clergy

  • Performing artists

  • Guest speakers

  • News reporters

  • Expert witnessed, examiners and evaluators

  • Students engaged in part-time work on campus


For information:


Open Work Permit

It is not a job-specific Work Permit.

Following persons are some of those who may be eligible to apply for an OWP:

  • Those, who are already working in Canada and whose application for permanent residence has received a positive eligibility assessment under one of the following:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker program

  2. Canadian Experience Class

  3. PNP

  4. Federal Skilled Trades Program

  5. H&C

  • Family  members of persons, whose applications for PR have been approved under one of the above

  • Members of the spouse or common-law partner in Canada class

  • Spouses or common-law partners of foreign representatives and family members of military personnel

  • an international student who graduated from a designated learning institution and are eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program

  • are a student who’s no longer able to meet the costs of their studies (destitute student)

  • have an employer-specific work permit and are being abused or at risk of being abused in relation to your job in Canada

  • are the spouse or common-law partner of a skilled worker or international student

  • are the spouse or common-law partner of an applicant of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

  • are a refugee, refugee claimant, protected person or their family member

  • are under an unenforceable removal order

  • are a temporary resident permit holder

  • are a young worker participating in special programs

          For information:

No WorkPermit Required
International Mobility Program
Open Work Permit
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